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4 days a week we meet on-line to connect, breathe, meditate and connect with the source of all energy for our growth, health, well-being and peace of mind.

Why am I doing this?

Meditation has helped me many times in my life. When I came out of depression, when I had problems with my business, when I felt anxiety. This is a very simple activity, which if carried out in a group, gains even more importance and power. I do this to increase peace, mindfulness and energy for all who need it now.

What’s the plan?

We meet online 4 times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) at 7pm (uk) for about 30 minutes. I divided the meditation cycles into 7-day intentions. 1. Higher Energy, 2. Better Health, 3. Calm Mind, 4. Balanced Energy, 5. Gratitude, 6. Love, 7. Abundance. So in total there will be 49 meetings in group meditation.

How can you help?

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools for taming reality. Thanks to it, you and your loved ones will regain control, peace and find a source of true internal energy. What you can do is share this page with everyone you care about. Let’s sit down together for group meditation.

Who is your host?

Michael Beast created branding and marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies like Samsung, L’Oreal, Holiday Inn. Helped over 150 celebrities and business owners to ten-fold their audience and influence globally. Speaker and trainer to European Universities and marketing events. His mission is “to make people and companies shine”. Family man, father of two and grateful husband. Humble “student of life”.

From teenage times, he explores religions and spiritual teachings, drawing on the knowledge and experience of monks and shamans from around the world.

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